Spectacular Costumes at Miss Universe

One of the highlights at Miss Universe each year is its national costume competition.  Year after year, contestants never fail to amaze audiences with spectacular creations depicting each country’s symbols, heritage and history.  Latin American countries like Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador are some of the notable countries that send memorable costumes at Miss Universe each year.  And once again, these countries did not disappoint but the Asian contenders stepped up to the plate this year with some of the most amazing and dazzling costumes you’ll ever see in a pageant.

Here are some of the most spectacular creations in the recently concluded National Costume Show at the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Universe 2018
Miss Ecudor – Virginia Limongi
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Mexico – Andrea Toscano
Miss Universe 2018
Miss El Salvador – Marisela De Montecristo
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Brazil – Mayra Dias
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Puerto Rico – Kiara Ortega
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Panama – Rosa Montezuma
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Laos – On-anong Homsombath
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Nepal – Manita Devkota
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Vietnam – H’Hen Nie
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Thailand – Sophida Kanchanarin
Miss Universe 2018
Miss Philippines – Catriona Gray

See all the costumes in this year’s competition by going to our SPECIAL COVERAGE site.


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